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SSK – Conference Finals – Game 3

A Pair of threes that can have a significant impact on the NBA Playoffs: Here’s the breakdown

West Final – Rockets at Warriors (Sunday – 8pm ET)
So we are even after the first two in H-Town. Now the series shifts to the west coast where the teams split two during the regular season. So basically we’re on course for a full-tilt seven game series. But, with Houston having home court advantage, the Warriors did exactly what they needed to do – steal one in Houston. Now they can go ahead and put the Rockets out of their misery and put the iso-ball out of its misery. Yes the Warriors committed seven turnovers in the 3rd quarter of game two which allowed the Rockets to put the game to bed early, but the Warriors biggest mistake was exclusively running the offense through Kevin Durant. Not a bad option mind you, but the Warriors offense is predicated on moving the ball – not isolation. It’s time for the Dubs to get back to that and I believe they will in game three in front of the home folk.

Prediction: Warriors 120, Rockets 105.

East Final – Celtics at Cavaliers (Saturday – 8pm
Time to have some fun. Especially if you’re the Celtics and hardly anyone gave you a chane in this series. It’s tough to keep LeBron down for a long time. The point? Everyone else hasn’t done a thing for the Cavaliers. If they are to get back in this series, it has to change. They have to rely on ball movement and much better 2nd half defense or they face another blowout. As fr as the Celtics go, keep doing what you are doing and keep feeding the ball to the J-team – Jaylin Brown and Jason Tatum. And Jason Tatum by the way should be the NBA Rookie of the year and Brad Stevens should be the coach of the year. In short, the Celtics will steal one of these two in Cleveland. Anyone remember 2010?

Prediction: Celtics 104, Cavs 88

Enjoy the games!

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