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So close yet same result for Boilermakers

By Michael Hogg

With 1:14 left in the game and Purdue down by 7 the crowd in Lucas Oil Stadium was in a raucous state knowing that with a Purdue touchdown, they have a chance to force overtime and potentially upset the #16 Louisville Cardinals. However, that being said After a 6 yd pass to Tario Fuller from Elijah Sindelar an incomplete pass and another 1 yd completion to Fuller on 4th Down, the Boilermakers fell short to the Cardinals at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday Night before a crowd of 37,394  by the score of 35-28.

For most of the game, the Purdue Defense was able to stymy the 2016 Heismann Trophy winner Lamar Jackson as they forced the Cardinals into 3 first half turnovers. But when crunch time came Jackson was able to flourish and lead the Cardinals to the comeback win. As for the Boilermakers, their going to be fun to watch on Defense as well on Offense. Granted, Sindelar got the start as David Blough is recovering from an injury but was able to play, more on Blough later.

As for the Boilermaker Defense, they played one Hell of a game last night but in key opportunities, the Offense led by Blough during the 3rd Quarter was wanting to do some trickery and he went for the Home Run on a Flea Flicker but did throw into double coverage which ended up as a pick for the Cardinals. On the previous series, Blough who was trying to hit Richie Worship on an out route threw behind Worship and the pass was intercepted by Stacy Thomas who returned it 61 yards to give the Cardinal a 25-21 lead as the 2 pt conversion failed.

There were several bright spots for the Boilermakers, of which was the Tight End positions led by Cole Herdman and Brycen Hopkins. Another bright spot was Redshirt Freshman Jackson Anthrop who grabbed 2 TD passes on the night and led the receiving corps with 82 yards. As for Hopkins and Herdman they combined for 7 receptions and 93 yards with 1 TD.

With the dual Quarterback usage with Sindelar and Blough they both flourished at times but they did have inept moments throughout the game. Mostly with Blough while he was the leading passer in the B1G last season he did have 21 interceptions and as aforementioned above threw 2 critical interceptions of which the one he threw in the end zone could have been prevented if he hit his check down receiver who was Hopkins who could have picked up a chunk of yards.

The running game was somewhat existent but not much though as the Boilermakers rushed the ball 21 times for 51 yards. Yes I know that it was the first game of the season but they have to get the ground game going more effectively so either Sindelar or Blough will have more time to throw.

While it is going to be a growing process for Head Coach Jeff Brohm in his first season at Purdue there are some bright spots that are going to shine for the Boilermakers in the 2017 season. Fans should be excited about Purdue Football.