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Support the Show and the #ManPowerment Movement

Please help support the growing popularity of Snowman in the Morning as we are asking only $5.00 per month to not only build the show, but to support something very dear to him – the #ManPowerment Movement.

This was spurned on due to the Snowman’s plight of being homeless for over two years – he’s still in the fight, but now has decided to take it to the next level and include a cause that is dear to him. There are so many men that are homeless, down on their luck, trying every day to revive their life, but end up turned away for whatever reason. Let’s help give them a chance to not only survive, but thrive! Ol’ Snowman’s willing to lead the charge, but we need help from you the fans to power the #ManPowerment movement!

A portion of your subscription will definitely go to the #ManPowerment movement, but it will also get you a Shout out on the Show, a place on our special “Honor Roll” and some #SITM Swag!

Let’s not waste any in powering the #ManPowerment movement and help those men who truly need it. Thank you! Use the button below to start your monthly subscription!

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