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The story starts and ends with two sports fans who disagree on just about everything finally agreeing to start a sports podcast dedicated to give every fan a voice. Every week listeners across the world are encouraged to listen, debate, and support two passionate fans talk about the world of sports from the perspective of a fan.


Every episode Jesse G & Marlon J will breakdown the latest news and topics in the wide world of sports. We encourage our listeners to actively participate in our debates, polls, and contest for prizes and opportunities to let your voice be heard live on air.

The second segment of the show will be dedicated to the never ending quest for fantasy sports superiority and championships. Listeners are encouraged to participate in our fan leagues for cold hard cash and prizes and fantasy bragging rights

The third segment is one near and dear to our hearts and at the core of what makes OFF SCRPIT special. This segment will feature a leader in the sports community that gives back by teaching our youth the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment. We truly believe leaders like this need to be recognized for their dedication and unmoving desire to help brighten the future of tomorrow’s leaders.

The overall goal for OFF SCRIPT is the provide quality sports content from the perspective of a fan. We may disagree on sports topics but we both agree that the sports world needs more sports programming with the everyday fan in mind.

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