October 16, 2018
  • 7:39 pm NBA Preview 2018-19 – All About the Golden Empire
  • 11:09 am Snowman’s Take – Cool Brees
  • 11:21 pm Wolves Football Wk 8 – vs LaPorte
  • 11:42 am Wolves Football Wk 7 – at Portage

On this edition of the Morning Sportsboard, the Snowman discusses an unlikely but likely no-hitter from Sean Manaea, the champs rounding into form in Houston, and more baseball notes. In the NBA, the Pelicans complete an improbable, yet dominant sweep, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers are one win away from putting away the game Miami Heat, and the Utah Jazz seize control of their first round series against Oklahoma City which included a triple-double. Houston is now being challenged by Minnesota, Will the Bucks and Wiz even their series? Will the NBA Champs close out their series? And who will shut the door on their first round series in the NHL on their way to drink from the Cup? Sit back, relax, and strap-in, the #MorningSportsboardExpress, starts right now!

Brian Snow

A south sider born and raised, Brian fashions his play-by-play style after legends like Jim Durham, Wayne Larrivee, Vin Scully, John Rooney, and others. He's still finding his writing style and his sports talk style is becoming all his own.

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