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Indianapolis Colts get routed by the LA Rams

Indianapolis: The Indianapolis Colts opened up the 2017 football season in LA to take on the Rams. The Colts were without their start quarterback Andrew Luck.

Scott Tolzien for the Colts started game one and did not get the job done at all. Tolzien only completed nine passes and threw for 128 yards and two interceptions. That is something you do not want to see when you are the Colts.

Granted he is the back up, but the Colts are without Luck till at least October so Tolzien or Brissett will have to step up and get a hold of the offense. Tolzien did get benched in the fourth quarter and Jacoby Brissett took over and threw for 51 yards and had 2 completions.

On one plus side the running game was not bad for the Colts. Frank Gore did what he was suppose to do running for 42 yards on 10 carries. He made the most of it with what he had to work with.

The Colts definitely have some work to do when they take on the Arizona Cardinals. The question some people have now is, is it too late for the Colts without their captain at the helm? Or and the Colts somehow pull out a win against the Cardinals?

One thing is for sure the Colts need someone to step up and put out this dumpster fire.