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Falcons Look to Flounder Fins

In a season that has been anticipated for months and weeks after the heart break that was the collapse of Super-Bowl 51, the Falcons have proved to still be one of the powerhouses in the NFC as they are currently eligible for the postseason as a five seed.

The Falcons are coming off of a bye and still looking to regain health and overcome injury as they look ahead to Miami. Among these role players include Mohamad Sanu, star Defensive-Lineman Vic Beasley, and all-pro wide out Julio Jones who has been practicing as of late, a good sign for Falcons faithful.

The Falcons look to redeem themselves and make a statement after falling to a 3-2 Buffalo Bills franchise that is currently in a three-way tie atop the AFC East with the Patriots and the Jets.

Matt Ryan accounted for five turnovers during the third quarter in the 23-17 loss at Mercedez-Benz Stadium including a highly disputed fumble, Which the Falcons will call an incompletion, that was returned for a score by Tre’Davious White for the Bills. This helped to lift Buffalo in the second half as they outscored the dirty birds 16-7.

The Falcons will need to hang in the game in the second half if they want to beat Jay Cutler and the Dolphins. Moreover, the Falcons will need to minimize turnovers also and capitalize on red zone drives.

Atlanta is favored by eleven, yet Dan Quinn will be the first to tell you that stats do NOT matter. They never have and never will. Outside noise will not be what makes the Falcons great, but how they can rise above the noise. It may not be their biggest game of the season, but the Falcons will still approach practice and game day as if Sunday is the Super Bowl. As if it is the final game they will ever play, because it just might be.

As Sunday approaches and the Falcons look to move one step closer toward their ultimate goal. The sea of red made up of 71,000 will be ready to roar at the sound of the whistle, the kick of the ball, in belief that the Falcons cannot fall.


Henry Szink is the newest contributor to the NFL coverage on Arena Sportsnet