October 17, 2018
  • 7:39 pm NBA Preview 2018-19 – All About the Golden Empire
  • 11:09 am Snowman’s Take – Cool Brees
  • 11:21 pm Wolves Football Wk 8 – vs LaPorte
  • 11:42 am Wolves Football Wk 7 – at Portage

The Philadelphia Eagles are, just rusty right now. It  looks like they got Alshon Jeffery, Joseph Ajayi, and Darren Sproles back. Once that happens, we should be good on offense we are rust so we should officially back in week 5 against the Minnesota Vikings.

With all the horses that the Eagles have, fans shouldn’t worry. We will back at higher level soon.  I know Doug will bring us on high horse back because this team and staff is amazing.

We’ve seen it last year and we have gotten way better than others think. We just have to go by game by game. Let, the media hate on us that’s our gas of being great. Time will tell feels good our, pieces are back now. The rust should be gone but we will see in Tennessee this weekend which, will be a good game don’t sleep on the Titans.

We nearly fell asleep on the Colts.  Our defense held them to three field goals in four trips in the red zone and yet we nearly gave the game away.  The Colts’s offense, like ours, is rusty, but very very potent.  The defense rode to the rescue when then did and kept Andrew Luck out of the end zone when needed.


Jesse Meza

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