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By Michael Hogg
Indianapolis, IN

In a game that was similarly played back in August between Ben Davis and Avon in which the Giants won 52-20, the Giants were able to punch their ticket for Lucas Oil Stadium last Friday night with a convincing 57-20 win over the Orioles. The game started with Avon, receiving the opening kick and had some success with it before the Giants Defense stiffened up and forced the Orioles to punt. On Ben Davis’ ensuing first possession the Giants marched down the field in 5 plays culminating with Reese Taylor scoring the first of his four touchdowns on a 10 yd run. With the PAT good the Giants led 7-0 with 7:25 left in the 1st Quarter.

Avon’s next possession ended with Ben Davis intercepting a pass and having great field position on their own 45 when 6 plays later Joey Person, scored from 1 yd out to increase the lead to 15-0.  Avon, did manage to score on their next possession when they went 10 plays and Sampson James converted on an 8 yd run with the 2 pt. conversion not successful the Orioles cut the lead to 15-6 with 11:53 to go in the 2nd Quarter.

With Avon, trying some trickery they tried an onside kick which it looked like that they Orioles recovered but it didn’t go the required 10 yards.  On the Giants, 3rd Possession it took 6 plays for them to score when Taylor scored his 2nd Touchdown of the night this time from 6 yards out and with the PAT, Ben Davis made it a 2 score game 22-6 with 9:32 until Halftime. The Orioles, marched right back down the field in 8 plays when James scored his 2nd Touchdown of the game from 7 yards out and with the PAT good it was 22-13 with 5:36 to go in the Quarter.

After a pair of 3 and outs for both teams Ben Davis got the ball back with 2:13 to go in the 2nd Quarter the Giants marched 80 yards in 12 plays and Taylor, scored his 3rd Touchdown of the night as the clock hit triple zeros. With the successful PAT the Halftime score was 29-13 Ben Davis. When asked about Reese Taylor’s performance, Ben Davis Head Coach Mike Kirschner commented, ” I have to say that this was one of Reese’s best games running the football.”

With the 3rd Stanza opened up Ben Davis, received the ball and like they did right before Halftime they went on an another 80 yard drive in 5 plays this time and guess who scored again? Yep, it was Mr. Taylor again with his 4th score of the night as this time he ran the ball in from 2 yards out. The PAT was successful and with 10:21 left in the Quarter. As the route was on Avon, was again forced to punt with a 3 and out and for the 3rd Consecutive time the Giants, went on another 80 yard drive that the last 56 yards was covered by Delbert Mimms, to really get the rout going. With 5:41 to go in the Quarter the score was now 43-13 all Giants.

Joey Person and Mimms both score again on touchdowns of 51 and 6 yards to close out the scoring for the Giants. Avon, did manage to find the End Zone one last time as Luke Shayotovich was on the end of a 5 yd pass from Cameron Misner. The PAT was successful to close out the scoring at 57-20.

After the game as the Giants were celebrating punching their ticket for Lucas Oil Stadium Reese Taylor commented on the team’s performance, ” I have to give credit to not only the Offensive Line but to both sides of the ball as everybody played hard tonight.”
Kirschner when asked about how they were able to have 3 kids to go over 100 yards rushing, “That is a tremendous effort by Reese, Delbert and Joey. These kids have worked so hard but I also have to give credit to the Line for giving them the holes to run the ball.”

With the win Ben Davis will play Penn who soundly defeated Carmel 34-7. Kickoff is schedule for 7:05 p.m. Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium

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