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Bakas’ Banter – Jose Q to the Rescue

Watching the Cubs this year, many times what goes through my mind are the Chicago Bears of 1985, the Dynasty that never was, or the White Sox one and done WS. Well Jose Q to the rescue, or at least for the moment. We have hope folks. What a debut, three hits, zero walks, and amassed an incredible 12 strikeouts.
He was killing it.

Now back to the business of a Dynasty. Cubs have gone all in with this trade and many others since the WS. Solar for Davis, and now this, Theo is all in, the time to win is now. Cubs were not built to win long term with this pitching staff, but now they may very we be. Lester, Quintana, Hendrix, Arrietta at the present moment, and Montgomery. Now Jake is most certainly gone at the end of the, which makes this a great trade in the long-run. By making this trade we have a shot people this year, and many years to come.

Enjoy the ride Cubs fans, because as the Bears and Sox fans know, lightning only may strike once, but with Quintana and Davis you just don’t know. Should be a blast, Go Cubs Go.